March 2

5 Tips for Maximizing Anti-Aging Effects of Amino Acid Supplements


In the past decade, science has made remarkable breakthroughs in understanding and treating the aging process in humans. In this article, we will briefly discuss maximizing anti-aging effects with supplements. The results of these studies have been the development and usage of drugs, nutritional supplements, and non-pharmacological approaches to improve the health of the body as well as slowing down aging. Many individuals, in spite of using various methods, still feel that they are not utilizing the available resources to its full potential. To this end, many are looking for methods or supplements that will make their lives easier and more productive. Here are some tips that will help you find the best supplements that will speed up the process of aging:

1. Avoid taking synthetic supplements that contain chemical additives, preservatives and fillers. Instead, find a product that consists of naturally occurring chemicals that have been extracted from various sources. Take the supplement that consist of a blend of amino acids. Amino acids are basic building blocks of proteins. Proteins are molecules that are responsible for carrying out basic functional activities like contracting muscles, blood circulation, and the formation of cells.

2. Make sure that you are purchasing and taking supplements that are made from natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are derived from ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. They are rich in anti-oxidants and other nutrients that will fight free-radicals and other harmful enzymes in the body that cause aging. Many of the ingredients in supplements are taken from plants such as green tea, grapeseed, fish oil and red wine.3. Make sure that you are ingesting the proper amount of the supplement at the correct time. The recommended dosage for a person is 2000mg of amino acids and 3000 IU vitamin C per day. A person should ingest 2000mg of amino acids, 3000 IU of vitamin C daily in order to have an anti-aging effect.
4. Make sure that you are ingesting the supplement in the correct manner of consumption. The wrong method of ingestion may lead to overdose of the ingredients that causes anti-aging effects. The recommended way of ingestion is by taking it in its intact, unprocessed form which is known as the “active” form.
5. Make sure that you are ingesting it in a form that is easily absorbed by the body since the absorption of synthetic supplements is hindered by the stomach acids that are found in our body.


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