November 22

5 Reasons The Best Anti-Aging Advice Is Not In A Bottle


Anti-Aging Advice Does Not Have To Be Expensive

In the $4.2 trillion world of health, people chase after transformative routines or wonder items to assist them to live longer, much healthier. There is a boundless variety of super foods, stem cell infusions, and detox programs. The more expensive they are, the more people flock to them. In truth, the best anti-aging advice doesn’t require any of those expensive, mostly ineffective, remedies.

Relationships Are Powerful Health Drivers

Instead, there is an easier and free way to increase longevity. Researchers called them soft health drivers. They can make daily living much better– and add years to your life.
Whereas diet plans and workouts are very important, your social connections and how you live your life, psychologically, and socially– are much more essential. These practices can decrease death from 45 percent as much as 65 percent. Unlike many wellness trends, they’re pleasant– no cutting down on something you like– and a lot simpler than staying with the current diet plan or popping supplements.

A 2010 meta-analysis of 148 separate research studies showed a 50% increased likelihood of survival for participants with stronger social relationships. This finding remained consistent across age, sex, initial health status, cause of death, and follow-up period. These simple practices make life much better and better– for you and for individuals around you too.

You’ve probably been swept up in the search for so-called “eternal youth” fads, looking to get on the latest health craze. Exotic supplements, exercise, creams, you’ve done it all. Well, some of it does work, as we talk about here at Health Body Products.

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Pay Attention To Your Relationships

But there is an even more reliable, basic way to extend your life. It’s the best anti-aging advice we have found. Simply stated, pay attention to your relationships. You will find more reward assisting a next-door neighbor than putting MCT into your coffee.

Instead of focusing on chia seeds and goji berries and all the ‘wonder foods’ of the day, invest time in your relationships, hanging out with your spouse, attempting to be kinder, more positive, and more compassionate. Learn how to listen others into existence.

What you consume and how you move your body still matter for living long: Diet and workout can reduce our death threat by about 35 percent. At the very same time, social connections–with romantic partners, friends, and next-door neighbors– can reduce the death danger by about 45 percent to 65 percent.

5 Reasons The Best Anti-Aging Advice Is Not In a Bottle

Here are the 5 reasons this anti-aging advice is better than what you can buy in a bottle. Relationships and emotional competency favorably affect emotions, which in turn, have cascading favorable impacts on physiology. Building healthy, kind relationships:

  1. Tamp down anxiety
  2. Inhibit inflammation,
  3. Increase feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin
  4. Support brain health and,
  5. Boost your immune system.

You might be a bit skeptical and ask: “Isn’t this a  ‘new-agey’ thing? Compassion, thankfulness, mindfulness, relationship– it sounds all fluffy?” The reality is, it’s physiological and very biological.  We are social animals and this is how our bodies work the very best.

Until recently, this anti-aging advice was ignored for two reasons. People gravitate towards simple, quick, measurable options. More importantly, there is no profit to be made in promoting healthy relationships, so health-based companies have no reason to promote them. However, Instead of purchasing the latest fitness tracker or protein additive, people should spend an afternoon helping out at the local food bank or just call a family member.

Fortunately, having a healthy social and psychological life does not require a perfect marital relationship or a hundred pals. It’s simply asking yourself, “Do I have somebody to confide in?
All too frequently the response is no. Research by health insurer Cigna shows that more than 3 in 5 Americans are lonesome, with a growing number of individuals reporting feeling isolated, misunderstood, unheard, and without friends.

Strengthening relationships, assisting others, and cultivating positive thinking are easy, actionable steps to put this science into practice.

3 Simple Steps

Here are 3 steps you can start with right now to put this anti-aging advice into practice:

Make time: Make time for social relationships as health practices. Set up a a time and action plan to do them and execute, just like any other important goal. You do something as simple as calling a friend or sharing breakfast with your partner.

Start small: Each day, take 5 minutes to note two things you can do to help someone else.

Streamline: Keep it basic: remain active, consume lots of vegetables, and engage with the people in your life.
Stay organized: Pay your expenses on time, keep a neat house, and remain organized. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the mundane tasks of life. Break the complex and difficult things into manageable, simple, actionable steps.

Yes, we promote the products we use and love here at Healthy Body Products.  But we also promote what we think really works. Spending time investing in your relationships is anti-aging advice we endorse



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