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We like to feel young, no matter our chronological age

Imagine waking in the morning feeling energized. You look in at the face in the mirror and marvel at the lack of wrinkles and age spots. Your skin is smooth and elastic. No significant stiffness in your joints. And your energy...It's like you are 20 years or more younger. You haven't been seriously ill in a long time, not even a cold or flu. Your doctor looks at you quizzically, not quite understanding how you manage your vitality. Your friends, who are looking their age, can't understand why you look so much younger.

What Makes Us Different

 Take a look at Doug. This is a real photo, no Photo Shopping. How old does he look to you?*

He's taking care of himself by eating clean foods, exercising, and taking supplements that work. In fact, Doug has been using one of our products, Drops of Life, for 35 years.

None of what we sell is a miracle product that will change how you look or feel overnight. All of our products are meant to be used for many years. It's your consistent use of these products month after month that slowly build your health and well-being.

Because we know that good health requires discipline and consistent healthy practices, we only sell to people we know. You trust us because you know us. You found us here because we told you about it or someone referred you to us. You didn't come here from a Facebook or Google Ad. We don't mass market because most people don't appreciate high quality health, products and are not disciplined to take the long view.. The other thing is: What we offer here is not cheap.

You are here because you are serious about your health. The yearly cost of our products is still less than 2 nights in a hospital bed. Investing in your health against the cost of disease just makes good financial sense to you. Finally, we only sell what we personally use. If we don't love the product, we don't sell it. If we don't see results within a year, we don't sell it.

Our Story

We've been supplying a small group of supplement products to our clients ad hoc for decades. We finally decided to organize them into a store. Makes life easier for you and makes life easier for us.

Aleya is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Chinese herbalist.

Doug is professionally trained as a lawyer and a peacemaker with a strong suit in researching and teaching new ideas.

E-commerce is not our primary business, but we receive a lot of requests for supplements that work.

The supplement industry is huge and full of liars and cheats. We are incredibly skeptical of the claims people make. At a minimum, we require empirical studies to back up product claims. Then we have to experience the results ourselves for at least a year.

Here's How to Get Started

Product Reviews are where we write about the products we sell.

Our lifestyle blog tells you a little about our lives and lifestyle living in the foothills of the central Sierra Nevada halfway between Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.

Our product lines are Drops of Life, Miracle of the Sea, and Rejuvant. Click on them to learn more.

None of these products works as a one-off purchase. We sell everything in 4 month packages because that's the minimum time before you will see any results. In many cases, you will never notice the changes because they subtly occur over months and years. If you really want to know if the products are working, stop for four months and watch if you degrade.

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We'll see you inside.

*He turned 72 in October 2022

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